EXO Swimming Club AU~ (inspired by FREE! Iwatobi Swim Club)

Please do not upload this to weibo! (Especially the Tao one to Weibo, bc I don’t want Tao to see it l o l) 禁二传到微薄,我不想让孩子们和桃子看到哈哈哈。

Do not edit/repost. 禁二改二传。

HunHan~!♥ LKJHGFDSA!!!!♥♥♥

"Oh Sehun why do you have to do this??.. This is one of the best HunHan moment for real~!"


(via babybaek48)

kris dancing to bar bar bar at asia song festival




summary of the wolf drama mv

Krishan’s manly hug


The inspiration of this song is 《The Little Mermaid》(1837). When the little mermaid turn 15, she falls in love with a prince. She asks Sea Witch to give her legs in exchange for her tongue. She hopes prince could marry her but fails. If she kill the prince with the knife, she will become a mermaid…

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